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Participating Hospitals

ICUs from renowned hospitals in Belgium are already part of the Monitoring Intensive Care Activities (MICA) Project, contributing to the evolution of intensive medicine in the country. Please see below the list of participating hospitals.

  1. AZ Delta (https://www.azdelta.be/nl)
  2. CHU Ambroise Paré (http://www.hap.be/Public/index.php)
  3. CHU Charleroi (http://www.chu-charleroi.be)
  4. CHR Haute Senne (www.chrhautesenne.be/fr/sites/2/le-tilleriau)
  5. Clinique de l’Europe- St. Michel (http://www.cliniquesdeleurope.be)
  6. Hôpital Erasme(https://www.erasme.ulb.ac.be/fr)
  7. UZ Gent (http://www.uzgent.be/nl/home/Paginas/home.aspx)
  8. ZNA Campus Stuivenberg (https://www.zna.be)
  9. UZ Brussel (http://www.uzbrussel.be/u/view)
  10. Ziekenhuis Oost-Lumburg (https://www.zol.be/)
  11. AZ Groeninge (https://www.azgroeninge.be/start)
  12. AZ Vesalius (https://www.azvesalius.be/)
  13. CHU de Liège (https://www.chuliege.be)
  14. OLV Ziekenhuis (https://www.olvz.be/)
  15. CHU Tivoli (http://www.chu-tivoli.be/)


Is your ICU still not part of the MICA Project? Submit your data now to join the Belgian National Registry. Our team will contact you as soon as possible.